At The British Academy of Tunis, we believe that we should be seeking to find ways to admit students to our school, rather than reasons to prohibit entry. We aim to ensure a diversity of gender, culture, and nationality. We recognize that although we strive to admit students, we must ensure the safety and security of all. We will consider the possibility of meeting a child’s different needs and consider children with learning difficulties (please see our inclusion policy).
We offer classes starting nursery 3 years old up to the baccalaureate programme.

British Academy is committed to excellence in education and to the personal growth of every student. We offer small classes (Maximum up to 10 per class) and passionate, highly qualified teachers.
Our goal is to provide students with the best possible program of academic and personal development in a challenging and supportive environment. With over 15 nationalities represented in our student body, our students learn in a multicultural community where each person is respected regardless of nationality, race, or religion.
We seek to promote ourselves in the community as a school welcoming hardworking, internationally minded, life-long learners.
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