Our mission

British Academy of Tunis is engaged in preparing inquisitive, well-informed, caring, and internationally well-educated students, aware of a cross-cultural environment and very much tolerant of it as future global citizens.

We value intellectual curiosity and independent, critical, and creative thinking to promote learners’ potential and maximize their growth. We train our learners to be compassionate, ethical, respectful of differing views, beliefs, and cultures, and responsible individuals who positively contribute to the well-being of global communities concerned with making a difference.

Our Vision

Our vision at BAT is to foster a distinguished learning community committed to excellence, innovation, collaboration, life-long learning, and tolerance.

We inspire our students to become creative, caring, and compassionate members of a global society. It also involves educating all students to the highest levels of academic achievement to reach and expand their potential and prepare them to become productive and responsible students with solid ethics.

Our Principles

  • A – ability nurtured, flourishes
  • C – curiosity fostered, grows
  • H – honesty is the best practice, and our policy relies on it
  • I – integrity, led by example
  • E – excellence takes unending work
  • V – veracity is the foundation of education
  • E – encouragement is provided by all of us together