Application Process

1.Registration (online / in the school) + Required papers (scanned/hard copies)
2.Parents will be contacted for the required papers
3.Headmaster’s approval of the documents
4.Appointment for an assessment + test fee
5.Headmaster’s approval of the child’s entrance
6.Parents and Headmaster’s signing of the admission document
7.Payment of enrolment and registration.

Required Documents :

Extrait de Naissance de l’enfant
Copie du passeport de l’enfant
Copie de la carte d’identité des parents
Ou copie du passeport des parents
Historique de scolarité
Copie du carnet de soin
2 photos de l’enfant
1 photo de chacun des parents
Child’s Birth Certificate
Copy of the child’s passport
Copy of the parents’ Tunisian identity cards
Copy of Parents’ Passport
Child’s School Record
Child’s Health Record
2 Photos of child
1 photo of both parents