About us

At the British Academy of Tunis we believe learning takes place both in and outside of the classroom. We organise several educational trips to extend and enhance students’ learning. Parents receive notification and information of each field trip, and day trip.
Travel and all other expenses involved in trips are rigorously researched to achieve the lowest possible cost. However, the school will never compromise the safety of our students and we will always aim to guarantee a high standard.Other factors which will impact on cost include location, the timing of the visit and the itinerary. Our Health and Safety Officer (the Headmaster) plays a full part in the process and will advise on the appropriate child/staff ratio. 

For each of our trips, our trip organizers complete a thorough risk assessment, ensuring that even the most exciting and challenging trips are safe and secure for the children in our care. They are also required to complete a series of other forms designed to ensure the trip is viable, not just based on costs and risk assessments, but also within the specific context of other trips planned for the year.