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Individualization - The British Academy of Tunis


At BAT, we use a highly individualized approach with every student, regardless of background or differences. All our students come with a variety of needs, strengths and cultures and our staff work together to specifically target each student as an individual. Being small in number, each student is well-known by every member of staff on campus. In addition, our support staff observe and consult regularly with staff, students, and families to identify needs and strategize for success. Staff consistently work to better the learning experience of each child, meeting them at their level, and finding ways to help them thrive and grow. Whether it be differences in language, culture, or learning style, our staff is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each child.

Family Atmosphere- The British Academy of Tunis

Family Atmosphere

Our beautiful campus is designed to create a homey feel so that students can feel comfortable both in and outside of the classroom. Additionally, our small class sizes and teaching staff have created an atmosphere that feels like being home. Our students trust their teachers and are well-known and deeply cared for by every member of our staff. Each student is known not just by name, but by personality and learning style. Why be just a number when you can be one of the family?
Collaboration - The British Academy of Tunis


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and here at BAT we take that seriously. Our framework is designed to keep our staff in constant communication. Our management members work together as a team to make decisions that best fit the needs of the students. Our teachers work together with each other across subjects to maintain consistency. Our support staff takes a team approach when deciding needed support. The school also seeks input from families as well as the students themselves to create a more immersive, all-encompassing approach.

Internationally Recognized Curriculum - The British Academy of Tunis

An Internationally Recognized Curriculum

Over the past years, our school has focused on the British curriculum which is internationally recognized at schools and Universities across the globe. Starting from the current academic year, we are switching gears to the International Baccalaureate (IB) system, allowing even more options to our students in their future endeavors. Read more about our curriculum under the “” section of our website to learn more about this dynamic system.