British Academy Of Tunis


BAT is dedicated to contributing to the social progress of its students, who will consequently leave a positive impact on their community and the world both during and after their studies. With respect to this, BAT includes creativity, active social participation, and charitable work as one of the required elements of BAT core. Students’ social service, we believe, fosters civic participation, ethics, and team management. As a result, learners become more tolerant, open-minded, and inquisitive, as well as more self-assured and mature

Here are some of BAT service projects

1-Collect school supplies.
2-Collect gently-used clothes for underprivileged people
3-Clean up neighborhoods.
4-Be a translator at parent-teacher conferences.
5-Babysit during PTA meetings.
6-Foster a shelter animal.
7-Donate blood (if you’re at least 17, or 16 with parental consent).
8-Contact your reps about local issues.
9-Help kids with their homework.
10-Coach a youth sports team.
11-Teach CPR (after getting certified).

12-Help English language learners practice with conversation.
13-Help an underprivileged neighborhood to have painted fences or buildings.
14-Organize donations of toys and children’s stuff
15-Host a bake sale.
16-Host a holiday meal.
17-Host activities for kids in hospitals.
18-Host a gardening party.
19-Build birdhouses, cat and dogs’ shelters
20-Organize birthday parties for orphans/ underprivileged children