British Academy Of Tunis


1. School registration is open all year-long. Information and updated details about registration are available via school website and social media.
2. Potential Parents/Guardians would be able to meet the Admission Officer any time of the school year, request needed information and make an appointment to meet with the school head and/or the assigned vice-head.
3. The Admission Officer will arrange a brief tour of the school.
4. To officialise registration, Parents/Guardians will fill in the school official application form.
5. Applicants for year 2 and onward are required to take English and Mathematics proficiency tests to confirm their level.

6. The school head may conduct interviews to determine the skills and capacities of the applicants.
7. The school head and/or the assigned vice-head may reject or accept the application according to school policies. (Please, refer back to student and parent handbook)
8. The Admission Officer will contact the accepted applicants to finalize registrations and pay the required registration fee to ensure the seat. (Registration fee is non-refundable)
9. The Admission Officer will provide a student & parent handbook copy to the registered parent/guardian to sign the required documents. (financial regulations, dress code, electronic devices policy, etc…)