British Academy Of Tunis


Additional Support

At BAT, we prioritize meeting each student at their level, and helping them achieve their highest level or learning. This is done with a combination of collaboration, communication, and additional support services as needed.

English as a Second Language ( ESL )

As an International School, BAT offers free ESL sessions to students with language barriers. Our ESL teacher works in conjunction with the school’s guidance counselor, teachers, parents, and management team staff to identify students who could benefit from ESL services. These sessions are designed around the needs of the student rather than simply following a set program. That way, students can progress quickly with their language skills in the areas that will particularly benefit them most. Whether students are starting from the ground up, or simply need to brush up on some reading skills, our ESL support services are designed to promote success.

After School Tutoring

After school, tutoring services are also available to our students based on requests from parents and recommendations from our teaching staff. Tutoring services are designed to bolster skills in specific areas and are discontinued once the student reaches the appropriate level.

Guidance Counseling

In addition to our other services, our Guidance Counselor works with staff and students to create Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). These plans comprise goals that have been mutually agreed upon by the Guidance Counselor, student, and teacher, and are updated monthly. The Guidance Counselor works closely with the ESL teacher to determine which remedial measures are needed. The Guidance Counselor also monitors the students’ safety and emotional well-being, helping to create healthy and happy students who have the confidence to succeed.

General Support

Our team is consistently working together to ensure student gains. Students who have fallen behind due to long absences are provided with support plans to help them catch up. We strongly believe that no student should ever fall through the cracks and our team will do whatever it takes to make each student thrive.


Our BAT Labs are equipped with desktop computers, projection devices, and printers needed to achieve BAT’s information technology learning goals. In particular, the Lab is a place where learners are empowered to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts, and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others.


The BAT library offers students and teachers an extensive collection of print books, eBooks, audio books, and research tools to support learning goals. Students are empowered to take an active role in choosing books and resources to read for personal enjoyment and for gathering information.